Learn the story of how Ceyda, the founder of Tara’s World brings the famous Turkish Peshtemal Towel to Singapore and grow her business locally. Get inspired by her stories.

Founded in 2011, Tara’s World offers a glimpse of traditional Turkish lifestyle with a range of essential products that hail across the world from Turkey.

Hello, this is me! Ceyda, Jayda, Tara or what people usually call me is Towel Lady! It has been 10 years since I founded the Tara’s World in 2011.

With a heart of wanting to bring the Turkey culture here, which is where I am from, we introduced the Turkish peshtemals towels in 2012 and they quickly took off, thanks to their quality and versatility.

Peshtemals has been around for ages as a part of Turkish cultural heritage. They were used in Turkish public baths (Hammams) to cover up bodies for centuries. The contemporary peshtemal towels that we enjoy using today have evolved from this historical hammam tradition.

What the founding stories behind the business?

I think I can say that it has all started with my love for my home country. First, it started off as an interest project with silver pieces and quickly evolved into a venture that aims to introduce Turkish traditional lifestyle products to the Tropics. My frequent travels have brought me to the realization that one of the most constantly packed items apart from my suitcase is my multi-use peshtemal towel. One year, I explored the variety sold in my hometown, Istanbul. I instantly knew that I had to share the joy.

What’s the materials used in the manufacturing process?

Turkish cotton is gathered and dried by farmers. Then, the cotton is colored processed and meticulously weaved using high standard machine looms. The most amazing part of these towels are that all the tassels are hand knotted by stay at home women.

After production, every towel undergoes quality control before delivery. When I receive the towels, I thoroughly inspect all pieces again and carefully customize packaging for my client orders.

How do you see the business in 5 years?

I am looking forward to continue the expansion of Tarasworld.biz product line to include finely-

selected homewares and accessories.

Give me three words to describe your brand!

Customer Service, Quality, Sustainability

Shop Tara’s World now on https://fullstopsg.com/product-category/lifestyle/taras-world/ or visit our showroom at 201 Henderson Road, Apex@Henderson, #03-15 Singapore 159545.

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