This month, Bathworld team is honoured to be collaborating with Fay Hokulani, an advocate of healthy and active living.

Fay Hokulani is a fitness professional who specialises in functional training, HIIT (high intensity interval training), indoor cycling, yoga and women’s health. She started her career as a host on ‘SCORE’ on okto channel and ESPN’s FourFourTwo Performance. Through her online presence, she has worked with international brands such as  Adidas, MyProtein, Nestle, Maxinutrition. In fact, she was featured in Adidas’s very first women campaign back in 2010 and 2011.

Fay is a Certified Personal Trainer under American Council on Exercise and she loves teaching group classes such as spin and Barry’s Bootcamp where she’s known for her energetic spirit and positive outlook on life while bringing heart to all she does!

With a warm glass of apple cider vinegar with lemon and a bowl of Greek yogurt, Fay is ready to start off her day training clients privately and at the gym. Fitness and healthy living has become an integral part of Fay’s life after personally struggling with her own body weight and eating disorder. 

Fay aims to help clients reach their fitness goals by sharing her knowledge on weight training and eating a well-balanced meal that incorporates healthier food rather than having a restricted diet. Aside from personal training, she teaches a 50-minute class at Barry’s Bootcamp 5 days a week. Her smart programming and fast-paced workouts are sure to keep you motivated- even on your laziest day!

One of the best things to come home to after a long day at work is having a furry friend to greet you at the door. Fay spends her downtime playing with Frankie, a Holland Lop rabbit, who is now almost 3 years old. She enjoys teaching him tricks and seeing him growing into a chubby cutie pie!

As she enters a new phase in life, Fay recently moved into a new home. Home renovation has never been a simple task especially with Fay’s busy schedule. Our team is happy to be part of this journey to help Fay achieve a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing bathroom. Choosing the perfect shower head is one of the most important elements to consider when designing a bathroom. NX handshower is selected as the revolutionary water spray technology provides a fully immersive experience, allowing Fay to escape into a place of relaxation and rejuvenation after her long hectic day.

The Phoenix NX Shower with HydroSense are inspired by nature, the water spray pattern shape has a similar shape to an insect wing. It’s the precise calculation of internal curvature and water flow that creates an ideal shower pattern. Designed by the award winning Phoenix team, the NX HydroSense shower collection is both beautifully designed and technology driven.

NX Showers with HydroSense® on Vimeo

Slender and elegant, Iko is stripped back with a clean and light, rounded profile shower design. The design process involved the removal of any extraneous details. NX Iko has been paired back with concealed hose connectors and wall fixings – just a beautifully harmonious presence to ensure Iko is an assured focal point in any bathroom interior.  

“Iko’s mantra is all about being as minimal as possible,” says Ban Liu, Phoenix Design Lead. “The shower design has been paired back to its simplest, most refined form.” 

NX Iko - HydroSense

We cannot be happier seeing the big smile on Fay’s face while immersing in her shower with NX!

Check out our special video production with Fay now on Youtube!

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