Could you give me a brief introduction of your business?

Lux Crete manufactures beautiful concrete basins which are becoming a huge trend worldwide due to its organic and versatile nature. All the products are made using a special concrete mix design called, which is stronger than traditional concrete and up to 50% lighter. Lux Crete proudly manufactures all their products in South Africa, where they are all about supporting local and uplifting the South African community. At Lux Crete the emphasis is on producing high quality products and each basin is specially handmade using only the best quality materials and great craftsmanship. There is a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from, so that there is something for everyone

How does Ballitoville, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa look like?

Ballito is a gorgeous coastal town, with the most beautiful beaches sweeping across the coastline. It is fast growing place as it is becoming the ‘place to be’ in South Africa. The people are all very friendly and it is a real community driven place.

What the founding stories behind the business?

Deon had this crazy idea of making a concrete table one evening. So he came home with a bag of cement and started mixing and pouring the table top. The next day it was so heavy that he needed 6 guys to pick it up. He then started researching about concrete and came across gfrc which is a light weight concrete. Before i knew it I was in our garage till mid night covered in concrete and pigment trying to figure the mix design out. After months We finally perfected the perfect mix design and basin shapes which people really started loving and then we grew from there.

What’s the materials used in the manufacturing process?

We use a variety of natural materials such as cement, sand and special additives.

What’s the manufacturing process of the basin?

Firstly we measure all the materials for the basin, we then mix the mixture and pour the mixture into the moulds. We let the basins set for over 12 hours. We then take the basins through a special sanding process followed by an intensive 9 hour sealing process.

How do you see the business in 5 years?

Deon and I dream big! We want to be a leading world wide bespoke concrete brand, having evolved to concrete baths, furniture, and a larger variety of basins.

Give me three words to describe your brand!

Luxurious, Quality, Statement

Shop Lux Crete now on or visit our showroom at 201 Henderson Road, Apex@Henderson, #03-15 Singapore 159545.

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