Learn the story of how Daphne, the founder of Candles of Light brings light into people’s lives with her signature ‘time-of-the-day’ candles collection.

“I like the idea that when people are buying my candles, they’re gifting light to someone matters. That’s where the name Candles of Light from. “

Daphne Tan, the founder of Candles of Light shared her experiences of how her love of scents brought her to pursue studies as a perfumer in Grasse, France and led her into becoming a candle maker. She crafted her scents based on the different times of a day, thinking what people would want to feel during that certain hours. The Dawn And Dusk candles are her core candles, giving comforts in their own way. “It’s nice to have a scent accompany you in your daily rituals.”

The candles that are made of pure soy and beeswax are poured into the reusable terazzo jar, with the intention to be reused and repurposed once the candle is finished.

“I love how scents can transport you to another moment in time, even as far back as 10 years ago.” – Daphne

Shop Candles of Light now on https://fullstopsg.com/product-category/candles-of-light/ or visit our showroom at 201 Henderson Road, Apex@Henderson, #03-15 Singapore 159545.

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