This summer, we’re happy to announce our collaboration with Paul Foster on our NX hydrosense handshower from Australia.

Paul Foster is an entertainment industry veteran with over a decade of experience under his belt. A Singaporean of mixed parentage (British/Chinese) Paul started off in reality and variety shows as early as 2002 and he has since successfully built a name for himself across the tri-factor in the entertainment industry as an: Actor, Model and Host.

I appreciate taking care of my wellbeing and my new Phoenix NX shower in matte black is definitely taking care of me!

Beautifully designed, this luxurious power shower utilises HydroSense technology inspired by nature to create an ideal shower pattern similar to a shape of an insect wing.

The precise calculation of internal curvature and water flow is the perfect pressure to reinvigorate my body and complete my day!

What can I say, I like getting dirty but I love getting clean! So what turns you on? 🚿💪🏻”

The Phoenix NX Shower with HydroSense are inspired by nature, the water spray pattern shape has a similar shape to an insect wing. It’s the precise calculation of internal curvature and water flow that creates an ideal shower pattern. Designed by the award winning Phoenix team, the NX HydroSense shower collection is both beautifully designed and technology driven.

NX Showers with HydroSense® on Vimeo

Slender and elegant, Iko is stripped back with a clean and light, rounded profile shower design. The design process involved the removal of any extraneous details. NX Iko has been paired back with concealed hose connectors and wall fixings – just a beautifully harmonious presence to ensure Iko is an assured focal point in any bathroom interior.  

“Iko’s mantra is all about being as minimal as possible,” says Ban Liu, Phoenix Design Lead. “The shower design has been paired back to its simplest, most refined form.” 

NX Iko - HydroSense

Check out our special video production with Paul now on Youtube!

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