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Styled by nature. Perfected by hand. The apaiser story starts with award-winning bathware, proudly Australian owned. Driven by a dream to transform the bathroom, founder Belinda Try introduces the world to her brand apaiser™, in 2000. 

Her revolutionary apaiserMARBLE® launched four years later, showcasing a luxurious non-porous marble material, enriched with the purity of Australian minerals. Today, apaiser bathware is globally recognised and coveted the world over in the best hotels, resorts and residences. Each bathware piece is individually sculpted by master craftsmen. Our signature offering of Bath Couture® embodies complete customisation for those who dare to be different, inspiring a new generation of absolute luxury. The evolution of the bathroom is complete with apaiser Bath Couture. Welcome to Maison apaiser.

Ode to an Australian Icon

Driving down quintessentially Australian dirt roads, watching the gentle hues of dusk settling across the bush, conjures memories of a carefree, country childhood. 

The charm of the countryside, its wide-open spaces, fresh, scented air – sometimes crisp, sometimes heavy with the expectation of rain, or shimmering with the reminiscent heat of a dry summer’s day, an ever present, dreamy, romantic quality of light, where time moves slowly. A glance across the picturesque farmlands, framed by rolling green hills, or flat ochre-coloured paddocks that seem to reach the horizon, reveals a glimpse of a rusted, corrugated iron roof – a nostalgic and distinctly Australian icon.


From the sparkling hues of our coasts and silvery greens of our forests, to the rich red soils of the desert and granite greys of the mountain ranges – the Australian landscape is a symphony of spectacular colour.

The diversity of the Australian landscape is delightfully perplexing. Startling contrasts and mesmerising harmonies of warm and cool tones combine to create a habitat like no other. Bleached grey-greens of hardy spinifex grasslands emerge from the iron-rich, rusty soils of the Pilbara. The turquoise ocean undulates like fabric on brilliant white sands, crashes upon brick red cliffs in the north and nestles against Eucalypt forests and granite mountains in the south. Silver white branches of ghost gums glow, illuminated by the vast night skies of the centre, while blood hued trunks of the majestic river red gums stand aloft the khaki banks of the inland waterways. We have always sought design inspiration from the world around us, and this collection pays homage to our birthplace.

Bring the rich tapestry of the Australian landscape into your space and create your own bathroom sanctuary in stone.

Sustainable Luxury

As a proud Australian brand, our desire to preserve the environment of our beautiful country and the world around us, inspired us to create repurposed marble bathware. 

A product which was sympathetic to and impacted benignly on the environment. Our commitment to ethically sourced materials and environmentally sensitive production have been a core part of our brand DNA since our inception over 20 years ago. At the same time, we strive to maintain the highest manufacturing standards and design excellence. Our apaiserMARBLE® is made from up to 90% reclaimed marble, a by-product of the marble industry that would otherwise contribute to landfill. Our atelier is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant and has been designed with specialised air filtration systems, as well as internal water and waste management programmes. During our finishing process, we use recycled water to limit our consumption and little mechanisation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our pieces contain minimal man-made ingredients, are non-toxic with no added silica and free from aluminum trihydrate (ATH), so our clients can enjoy a guilt-free soak in a beautiful, sustainable bath.


Discover our new collections as well as signature designs, featuring apaisermarble stone baths, stone basins, freestanding basins, stone vanity tops and accessories.

The Sampan Collection by apaiser and WOHAbeing, entrenched in local history, combines functionality with elegance. It is a symphony of clean lines and geometry, adorned with subtle detail – such as infinity overflow and elements driven by usability and comfort. 
Mimicking the ebb and flow of the fabric, the Tulle Collection is defined by a perfect profile of slender, uniform reeds. The texture creates depth and interest, while the undulating surface plays with light and shade. 
The SOKA collection overall celebrates the interplay of clean, rigorous lines ergonomically applied in a perfect fusion of form and function. 
The Sòl Collection is the embodiment of simple, functional, minimal design, creating harmony with one’s environment to encourage relaxation and mindfulness. 
The playful shape and pattern of the Lotus flower petal inspires this beautiful range. Embrace the restorative powers of the collection, offering a cocoon-like design and a deep sense of tranquility and relaxation.
Emblematic of the textural qualities of the humble corrugated iron, the Ode Collection references the iconic undulations in a series of subtle, minimalistic lines. 


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